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"Discover How YOU Can Finally Join The Elite 3%
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Read on to see how this former teacher will now TEACH YOU how to build a profitable online business using the very same battle-tested methods he uses every day to generate OVER SIX FIGURES a year ...

From the laptop of Paul Dunstan

Hi - Fellow internet marketer! Have you experienced the sheer blasting-power of money yet?​

Have you felt the supreme thrill of telling the salesman you’ll be paying cash for that top of that range vehicle and then driving it away?

Or watched your excited spouse go off for a weekend of pampering in a five-star beauty spa (plus enjoyed the fringe benefit for you in the form of a supercharged relationship)?

Or experienced the ultimate joy of telling your boss that you are leaving. And then driving home with a palpable sense of FREEDOM as you begin your new life on your own terms?

That’s the sort of lifestyle that opens up for you when you’re a successful internet marketer.

And it’s easy to see why you can enjoy such a life-changing opportunity thanks to the amazing profitability enjoyed by online businesses when compared with traditional bricks and mortar enterprises.

A traditional business is weighed down with the massive overheads of buildings, inventory and staff wages. So if, by some miracle, they manage to scrape a 10% profit they throw a party.

Contrast that with a 21st century online digital business where you can pretty much turn those figures on their head because you have such tiny overheads – just a simple website or blog and an auto responder, costing little more than your daily fix from Starbucks.

So your profits are large and stay where they belong – in your pocket!

But here’s the paradox

Why – with such a massive advantage - is it that ONLY about 3% of the good folks, like you, who desperately want to make money on line and live the laptop lifestyle, manage to make serious money on line?

Meanwhile, the other 97% waste massive amounts of time and money trying to learn the ropes only to fail miserably and eventually give up – which is TRAGIC.

And it’s a tragedy because an online business, with its tiny start up and running costs, is the just about the ONLY way for regular folks like us to transform our lives and step up to the lifestyle I described above.

And – as you’re reading this – I’m guessing you’re one of the 97% that desperately wants to become one of the elite 3% who DO make serious money on line.

Here’s the answer:

The biggest barrier to your success is NOT lack of information.

Quite the opposite.

Not only is there too much information out there, so you get information overload - most of it is PLAIN WRONG!

And that’s because you can’t tell if the person you’re sending your hard earned money to really knows what they are talking about or simply rehashing some trash they were sold by someone else who ALSO rehashed it from someone else.

It’s just like that true story from World War One, when communication was mostly passed on by word of mouth, and the order went out from the front line to “Send reinforcements, we’re going to advance”.

But, by the time the much repeated message got to headquarters, it had been so rehashed and distorted it was now: “Send three and fourpence, we’re going to a dance” (“three and fourpence” was a sum of money is those far off days).

All of which means …

It’s not your fault …

… if you’ve spent a king’s ransom, yet haven’t actually made a single penny back. Because:

  • Either you've been given similarly distorted instructions
  • The method works, but it hasn't been explained properly
  • Both of the above!

Is it any wonder you're getting more and more frustrated when you can't make sense of it all?

Surely there MUST BE a BETTER way?

Fortunately there is.

Hello - My name is Paul Dunstan and, a short while ago, I was where you probably are, right now.

I had a job I loved, but it placed massive demands on my time: I was on call 24/7, because I ‘lived over the shop’

On some rare occasions, I’d get finished at a reasonable time, sit down to dinner – only for someone to knock at the door or the phone to ring, calling me back for some dire emergency!

It got so bad my marriage was almost at breaking point, because my wife and I rarely saw each other.

Usually, by the time I got finally got finished, she’d fallen asleep, exhausted waiting up for me. And, after a few hours sleep, I would have to get up and creep out, without waking her, to resume my job.

So with that sort of painful incentive, you can imagine I was absolutely determined to change my life for the better.

So I unwittingly became …

An internet marketer’s dream

I bought everything they offered me!

In the end, I wasted three whole years - as well as vast amounts of hard earned money - chasing my goal.

You name it – I tried it …

Forex trading software … instant traffic sucking loopholes …. MLM … list building … affiliate marketing ... CPA – the list just went on and on.

Wasting money on the latest ‘bright shiny object’ became almost as addictive as CRYSTAL METH!

But - either the method was simply rehashed, unworkable theory – or, if it probably was viable, the ‘guru’ was no good at explaining how someone else could actually accomplish it. Sometimes vital steps were missing or not explained properly.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

But I was determined not to give up and let this beat me, because I could see SOME people were making very good money.

So I reversed engineered the operations of the ones I believed were really making serious money.

And a common pattern started to emerge. Because there were several similarities in the way they make their money.

Finally, I’d cracked the code!

So I used what little spare time I had to slowly start to model my system on their business models.

Eventually my business reached a critical mass and I enjoyed breakthrough after breakthrough.

And, today, I make well over SIX FIGURES a year and my old job is a fast fading memory.

But, because I had so little spare time, back then - and because there was much trial and error involved - it took me another two years to really get going.

But it won’t take you anywhere near as long

That’s because I’ve now created a site where you can find out the REAL way to make money on line, from someone who is already enjoying the sort of success you too want to experience.

What’s more - because I’m actually using the methods and tools I’ll be showing you to make my own six figure annual income - I guarantee you won’t waste a second on unproven theory or trial and error.

And you’ll also enjoy this UNIQUE ADVANTAGE.

Naturally there are other marketers, like me, out there who are also making serious money. But that’s only HALF of what you need to succeed.

Because - even if they are actually making money on line – how you can be sure they have the ability to properly teach you how to do the same?

You can’t – until it’s too late and you’ve invested your money.

But you can guarantee it with me – because I’m a properly trained TEACHER. I spent FOUR years at a leading teacher training college, learning how to teach others.

I love to teach – and I’m very good at it!

So – with me - you can be certain you’ll get BOTH the essential ingredients you MUST HAVE to succeed:

  • I know exactly how to make six figures a year online, because I am actually doing it.
  • I know exactly how to teach you to do the same, because I am a trained professional teacher.

Now let me give you a tiny taster of the no fluff, straight from the trenches, secrets I have for you in my membership site …

Think of this treasure trove of knowledge as your local convenience store. Because it has pretty much everything you need to transform your life for the better, you can drop by any time, 24/7, and find exactly the golden nugget you need at that precise moment.

I’ve held nothing back, so you have at your command everything – both the tools and the exact blueprints – to copy my success and build your very own six figure income exactly as I have done using the exact same tools and methods.

Introducing "Paul Dunstan Membership"

And among the massive storehouse of secrets you’ll be delighted to discover are …

Currently being sold for $27.00 a month

Over a series of 13 easy to follow modules, this shows you how to build what will prove to be your most profitable income producing asset. 

A mailing list that gives you cash on demand whenever you send out a promotion – either for one of your own products or where you get paid the lion’s share of the sale price as an affiliate, neatly side-stepping the hassle of making the product and customer support.

And – as an example of how my methods will work like gangbusters for you - I guess you know the industry average for the sort of money you make with a mailing list is $1 per name per month.

But these days, because everyone is hammered with emails urging them to buy stuff all the time, that figure looks a bit optimistic and the returns of even half that are now considered satisfactory.

For example, one well known guru (feted as an email marketing wizard) regularly produces a profit of $40,000 a month. Not bad, you might think – until you realise that’s from mailing his list of 160,000 subscribers – meaning it’s only 25 cents per name per month.

By contrast - my monthly profit is $1.80 per name.

Why the massive difference?

Simply because although it’s said: “The money is in the list” – the SERIOUS money is in the relationship you build with your list. And that is what I show you to do in just one tiny section of this membership site.

And that is just one example of how my different and carefully considered approach will repay you handsomely if you copy them in your business.

See what Igor Kheifets says:

Just wanted to say that you should pay attention to Paul Dunstan. The guy's a UK school teacher who runs a 6 figure business. This means he had a hell of a time starting his business from scratch (teachers get paid scraps over there) and he is one of THE most qualified people to teach others how to do the same."

Igor Kheifets 
Igor Solo Ads

Currently being sold for $97.00

Another section in this site will empower you to enter any niche and quickly become the sought after leading authority in it. One of the things people often struggle with is how to become known in their marketplace, where there are already established players. This training shows you how!

See what Chrisi Darrington is saying:

You totally nailed the difference between success and failure, Paul. Money making online is seen as an 'opportunity' that allows people to toss money out there without thinking and then magically it comes back to them with interest... This is a tremendous offer to build a life-changing business with Paul. He's worked hard to get where he's at and its awesome that he's put this together. If there is any way you can manage it. Get it."

Chrisi Darrington 
Prime Insiders

Currently being sold for $20.00 (Pro Level)

Of course, traffic is an essential part of the mix. So – in addition to showing you how to maximise the value from each and every visitor - I’ll also be revealing my refreshingly different and highly effective way to get all the free traffic you can handle for ANY niche from a pool of about ONE BILLION people.

Read what delighted customer, Kevin Mitchell, reports:

OMG... I cannot believe this. I have been really struggling to get sales and traffic, so when I joined Paul Dunstan I just thought this was going to be a waste of time. I went through Paul's video step by step and absolutely loved what I saw. I completed the course and started putting into action what I had learnt. I woke up this morning to check my JVZoo account and normally it says $00000 ... But this morning I was shocked. I had actually made money! I cannot thank you enough for this simple but most effective course. I am totally amazed. Thanks. Kevin."

Kevin Mitchell 

Currently being sold for $27.00 per month

The Holy Grail of the ‘internet lifestyle’ is enjoying a continuous passive income, whereby you make a sale once and your bank account is automatically replenished every month with clients paying you over and over again for your ‘continuity program’.

So I’ll pull back the curtain and show what it really takes to enjoy that sought after passive income with your very own continuity program.

Here's what Paul Lynch says about working with me:

Paul Dunstan is one of my top affiliates. He always makes money for me and for him. Most importantly though, he teaches his clients how to do the same. If you are considering buying his training or being coached by him - go for it! You won't be disappointed.

Paul Lynch 
Search Dot Com

Currently being sold for $27.00

And I’m aware you might want to get ahead and make some fast money with a method that doesn’t require your prospect to part with any money. Naturally, that means your conversions will be very good and you get paid for every time they take the required action – whether giving their email address, zip code or phone number.

But, you know me by now, so you can be sure I’ve come up with a clever way of ensuring you supercharge your chances of getting a ton of conversions by warming up your prospects beforehand.

Read what Souhail Ijaz says:

I recently heard Paul speak at a conference and in my view his presentation had the most impact on me. I took away a lot of actionable advice and have already started implementing what he taught. As a result it has helped immensely in taking my business to the next level.

Souhail Ijaz 

Currently being sold for $197.00

This is the ‘information age’ and folks all over the world are hungry for information to improve their lives. So information marketing is one of the most profitable markets to be in on line, because there is an insatiable demand and products are delivered digitally with zero transport and inventory costs.

So here’s all you need to know to create your very own $250,000 Information Publishing Empire.

And here’s what customer Kenneth Lim says:

Anyone who listens to this would immediately understand exactly what the difference between success and failure is in Internet Marketing. Having started in this industry with zero knowledge and experience, Paul Dunstan provides a very back to basics secrets of "How it really is and how it really works".....sheer quality content he shares from the outset - Paul has to be one of the most powerful and inspirational speakers I have ever witnessed. Listen to him to find out why!"

Kenneth Lim 

Recording of the 4 Elite Webinars the attendees paid $2000 to access.

Here’s where I lift the lid on the system that has made me $100,000 in sales in just one year, and I explain EXACTLY how I did it and how YOU can do it too.

Here's what customer Tony Watson thinks:

 If you are looking for one of those chaotic, interminable webinars that spend ages telling you how wonderful all the participants are and trying to sell you things, then Paul Dunstan’s carefully planned, logical and absolutely content-packed coaching may not be for you. ​On the other hand, if you want to learn from someone who has created a high-income-generating online business by applying clever principles and unique methods and who, furthermore is a natural teacher who knows how to present his business techniques in a way that normal people enjoy and understand, I urge you to check him out.

Tony Watson 

You'll also gain access to my video training library showing you how to do everything from setting up your email in the right way, installing and using WordPress, and a host of underground traffic methods.

Much of this could be sold as products in its own right - I give it to you as part of the membership. Even better - I am adding to it every month.

And if that isn’t enough, you ALSO get to look over my shoulder and see exactly what I’m doing in my business, right now, via my Journal.

You’ll see everything ‘warts and all’ - both what works and what doesn’t work! This is the fastest way to stay ahead of the masses. just copy what works and avoid what doesn't! Priceless!

Read what Rob J Temple says:

I have been in the fortunate position to work with Paul over the last year or so and have immensely enjoyed it. He is an honest, ethical and upstanding marketer who really works hard to help his customers and students get the result that they want. Paul's products are clear, easy to follow and comprehensive. His background in teaching shines through as the instructions are always simple to follow but have great depth, which makes it easy to implement and apply to your business. If you're looking for training on any aspect of online marketing, Paul will be able to help you get to the next step in your business."

Rob J Temple 
Marketing Kickstart

And here are just a few of the many
specific secrets I’ll be revealing

    • Why you can forget about struggling with SEO – and yet still get plenty of free, highly targeted search engine traffic without even trying.
    • How to get in front of a fresh, hungry crowd every single day – and then lead them to your web site.
    • Writer’s block? No problem! Even if you normally find it a struggle to scribble a Post It® note you’ll never be without fresh, daily inspiration with my system - so your short piece will practically write itself.
    • How to invest just five or ten minutes a day running your business – and then laugh all the way to the bank (perfect if you’re still on your hated job treadmill – for now!).
    • The done for you twist you can use to skyrocket your engagement, back links and traffic – and it’s totally free.
    • How to generate your OWN traffic on demand – automatically.
    • Your mailing list: the most important income generating asset you can own. Because, it’s TRUE: the money really IS in the list.
    • How many mailing lists should you build (the answer may surprise you)?
    • The simple three-step process to building your mailing list. As easy as ABC.
    • The twin keys to profitable lists. Ignore these at your peril because you’ll simply end up with lots of worthless names – but no money.
    • The two ways to capture and hold your list of names (and the pros and cons of each).
    • The FATAL list building mistake you MUST avoid at all costs – or you could end up losing your entire business!
    • The safe and effective route to having someone else build your list for you – plus the positives and negatives of this method.
    • 13 ways to incentivise your visitors to subscribe to your mailing list PLUS what I believe is the very best incentive of all.
    • How to persuade your visitors to subscribe to your list (and the legal requirements you need to know).
    • The 11 vital elements of a good squeeze page. Miss any one of these and you’ll be throwing money away.
    • Three simple ways to make your offer even more compelling.
    • How to become an auto responder black belt (one of the most important, yet simple, skills you can learn).
    • The difference between a want and a need – and how to serve both for maximum conversions.
    • Where the money really is – and how to tap into it 100%.
    • The key secret of chiming with ALL your subscribers (these are the sorts of secrets you’ll ONLY learn from a properly trained teacher).
    • The different types of content – and why you should mix it up.
    • How to get your subscribers to create your content for you!
    • How to keep the different types of subscriber happy by using the full range of multi-media (it’s a lot easier than you might think).
    • The simple way to create tools and resources for your subscribers – and guarantee a friend for life!
    • How to create physical products for even greater profits (and give you another way to make sales).
    • The two ways to promote products for sale – and the pros and cons of each.
    • How to create prediction and year-in-review content – two very powerful ways of selling products.
    • When you should NOT recommend a product (probably making you more money in the end).
    • How to never run out of content ideas with this sneaky – but ethical – way to ‘steal’ content from your competitors.
    • How to get good content without writing it yourself – for FREE!
    • Six simple, yet clever, ways to make PLR content your own.
    • How laser-targeting your mailing lists will skyrocket your conversions and profits - and it’s easier to do than you might think!

    And much, much more...

You might be wondering this

You can now see how the many programs on my membership site get awesome results for both me and others.

But you’re probably wondering if such a powerhouse of marketing secrets is within your budget, because it puts at your command proven methods covering every aspect of your business, from that vital traffic generation to transforming your visitors into ultra-loyal fans who will trust you totally, buying almost everything you recommend and be your most enthusiastic brand ambassadors.

So you’re concerned these proven techniques that are already making me six figures a year AND are brought to you by a professionally trained teacher are liable to cost an eye-watering amount.

You’re right it certainly SHOULD command a king’s ransom.

But, just before I reveal the very special deal I have for you today, allow me to make this crystal clear …

I take all the risk here

You see, I know my methods really work like a charm and you’ve seen the praise and results that other folks, such as Kevin Mitchell, report.

But nothing is more convincing than you proving to YOURSELF how good it is.

So I’m going to allow you to have access to the entire membership site for a full 30 day test drive under the total protection of my cast iron ‘Either you love it or your money back’ guarantee.’


That's right! I am giving you a full 30 days to test drive this membership and see if it is a good fit for you. You will have plenty of time to check out the vast storehouse of training and take advantage of some of my products. If after that you feel that this is not everything you hoped it would be - then I will happily refund every penny and cancel your access and all further payments. You have no contracts, no worries and nothing to lose!

That means you can defer any big decision until you’re perfectly satisfied this program is perfect for you.

So log into your member’s area, pour a cold beer and study one or two of the programs in the comfort of your favourite couch. Be delighted at the sheer simplicity of the techniques I reveal and be astonished when you see how my approach to this business is so different from the usual methods doing the rounds (which is precisely why my methods works so well, while other’s fail!).

30 days will be ample time for you to make a good start. Why, you might even have taken the expressway to profits by starting with 'CPA Smasher' and already be piling up your first commissions.

But, if at the end of 30 days, you don’t feel my methods are the most practical way to make serious money you’ve ever come across, then simply drop me an email for a full, fast and no quibble refund of every penny of your investment.

Ah yes, your investment.

As you can see, your membership site brings together in one convenient place programs that are currently selling for a total of $2400.00 (plus recurring fees).

But you’re in the right place at the right time

Because I’m just in the process of launching my membership site with a limited number of privileged Founder Memberships.

What this means is, that – if you go ahead right away – you will be not only granted Founder Member status, but also can lock in your monthly subscription at a rock bottom $27 a month. You can cancel at any time and owe nothing further.

And when you consider other people are currently subscribing to just my Automatic Income Creator program and paying the exact same monthly subscription of $27, I’m sure you can immediately see what an awesome bargain you’re getting here as a Founder Member – particularly you will ALSO enjoy the other six programs on the site PLUS the ‘Knowledge is Power’ video library and access to my personal Journal.

What’s more, every time I create a new program, as a VIP member of my site, you’ll enjoy instant access, completely FREE of charge.

But if you snooze – you lose!

Because it’s only fair to you that I warn you I only have a limited number of VIP Founder Member passes and – given what an amazing bargain this is – they aren’t likely to last much beyond today.

And once they are gone – they are GONE and the subscription zooms up first to $47 and then $97 a month.

But – even at $97 a month - the vast scope of this life-changing membership site, plus the fact every one of the seven program deals with a battle-tested method that is working for me right now and is taught personally by me, using my professional teacher skills, means it’s still a terrific bargain.

But why invest a single penny more than you need? After all …

There’s no big decision required today

You just need to be smart enough to take full advantage of my 30 day test drive to confirm the membership site is right for you.

Which makes your choice here quite clear

You can either carry on as you are now, trying to figure it all out for yourself and chasing every new product that hits the market in the vain hope THIS will the one that holds the key to your success (which you know, deep down, from bitter experience, probably won’t)

OR …

You can realise that my 30 day ‘love it or your money back’ is a sign of my complete confidence that I’m giving you everything you need to make a success of your life-changing opportunity.

And, when you consider I’m already making a SIX FIGURE income – and more – from these very same proven programs and you will find it as easy as pie to learn how to copy my methods thanks to my years of training as a professional teacher you’ll realise this is about the most perfect offer you are likely to see in a very long time – maybe for ever!

So I guess I’ll soon be sharing my powerful secrets with you to help you build that bright new life for you and your loved ones.

Just click the buy now button below right now.

To your success!

Paul Dunstan

Lock In Your Low Price Today!

Founder Member Price
Just $27 Per Month

P.S. Becoming a Founder Member of my site is such an incredible bargain, I have no doubt it won’t be very long before they’ve all gone and the monthly subscription almost DOUBLES to $47.00.

And, because you can take a full 30 days before you need to finally decide if the program is for you, the ONLY way you can possibly lose on this is to pass without even taking your test drive.

Remember, the whole program is digital - so it’s not like you have to pack it up and mail it back, is it?

P.P.S. In her book, ‘Five Regrets Of The Dying’, Bonnie Ware, an Australian palliative care nurse, reports the main regret of the terminally ill patients she nursed was failing to take advantage of the opportunities they were presented with - because they forever wondered:

"What if, I’d had the courage to seize that opportunity. How different would my life have been?”

But, if you go ahead right now, then YOU will never have to wonder … "What if?"

Lock In Your Low Price Today!

Founder Member Price
Just $27 Per Month

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