Pay Attention: This Might Just Be The Offer Of A Lifetime For A Few Lucky People!

"For A Strictly Limited Number Of People:
I Am Opening Access To My Marketing Vault
At A Rock Bottom Price."

Hi, It's Paul Dunstan here,

As you probably know - Over the past few months I have been evaluating my whole business model and making some huge adjustments.

Over the years, I have produced a number of products and training systems. I have taught clients how to make money online in one to one consulting, and via webinars. I have run workshops and I have taught from the stage to rooms full of clients.

I am in this business to make money by helping other people to transform their lives. However - one size does not fit all in this situation.

  • Some people need help with the basics, such as using WordPress.
  • Some people need advanced help on product creation.
  • Some people need help with affiliate marketing.
  • Others want to sell their own physical products.
  • Some people have a fully functioning business already - but they want to scale it up with the power of the internet.
  • Some people need help in driving traffic.
  • Some people need to understand List Building.
  • Some people want to know how to create a coaching business.
  • Others need help with copywriting - and the list goes on and on...

But you know what... The REAL PROBLEM is that people do not know at the start exactly what it is they need to know.

You may have found this yourself.

You think you need one thing, so you buy the product. Then you discover that it does not solve your problem, so you need to buy something else. That doesn't quite do it either - so you need to buy another product etc.

The problem is that even when there are really good products on the market - the creators tend to write hyped up sales letters in order to sell them. They make it sound like each individual product will work on its own -  and this inevitably leads to disappointment for you as the customer.

You see, business is not really like that.

All business takes a lot of effort and time. It requires skills and determination. It requires multiple working parts and achieving this is a challenge. Online business is no different.

It can all be learned and achieved. It can provide a lifestyle incomparable to a normal job. The results can be beyond your wildest dreams - but it won't happen overnight.

You don't find that on most sales pages!

I have decided that I am going to go counter-cultural.

 I know that my customers (YOU) need to be able to learn EVERYTHING. Not just one part of the business. So I am doing something completely different and you can get in at the start.

Before I get to what I am doing -
Let me tell you what I am NOT going to do here.

I am sick and tired of hype, so it should come as no surprise that I am not going to paste images of my cars, my beach holidays with my family, my homes or various screen shots of income received. I am not packing this with loads of testimonials to get you excited!

If you want all that - you can look at individual product pages from my products and services. I am not doing that here because I want to make the point that what you will be buying from me is not 'the dream'. You will not be buying a 'one click wonder'. You will be buying REAL training about creating a REAL business online. No hype.

I am deliberately avoiding writing copy which makes your heart beat faster as you imagine all the money landing in your account and you see your life transforming. You have bought like that in the past, haven't you - and been disappointed. Well - let's change things up a bit.

When you buy this from me, I want it to be because you recognise your need for what I offer and you recognise the value of what you are getting in making your journey easier in the future.

I want you to have the 'ah ha' moment that, for once, you are able to buy with confidence knowing that you are getting a 'no-brainer' deal and that this will genuinely HELP you to build your business in the right way.

You are NOT - I repeat NOT getting a magic bullet! They don't exist - no matter how much you wish they actually did.

OK - So what am I doing? What do you get?

You can have ALL my current products and hours and hours of extra exclusive training on ALL you need to know to run a successful online business all into one membership site. These are my 'Success Formulae'. These are my advanced strategies and undercover secrets, all fully revealed inside.

And remember - this site will grow - getting better each and every week.

Once you have this, there will be no need for you to buy more training products ever again.

As the market changes and I develop new ways of doing things - My team and I will be creating new training and new products. I will add them immediately to this new membership site. It will be an organically growing site, always showcasing what I am doing now and what is working (and failing) for me.

"You can have access to all my training and information products, past present and future - for one low monthly fee."

So what does this mean for you? What will you get exactly?

Well, you know how I said that one size does not fit all? Well - my membership solves that for you.

Inside you will find the site divided into several different sections. For example, my Learning and Product libraries, packed with training and exclusive, advanced strategies to boost your business.

You have access to my products which train and teach in detail on specific areas (on their own, these have taken people to success online). But you will also have access to a growing library of training on other areas, with everything covered from basic stuff for newbies to more advanced stuff for you elite marketers!

So, whatever it is you need to master - this membership will be your 'one-stop shop' to get you there. Inside, I have already included products and training on:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Continuity/Passive Income Creation
  • Niche Domination
  • Membership Sites
  • CPA Marketing
  • Online MLM
  • List Building and Email Marketing
  • Making money with BizOps
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • WordPress
  • Paid Traffic Generation
  • Free Traffic Generation
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Forum Marketing
  • And much more...

In addition - you will have my journal, which enables you to stay on top of exactly what I am thinking and doing in my business. There is no simpler way to be at the cutting edge. You can simply learn from my successes and avoid my failures!

To purchase everything in this site from me, would cost well over $3000 + and then on top, some of the products have ongoing monthly fees!

But I am not going to charge that today.

In fact - I am going to make this a no brainer deal because YOU are going to be one of the first few getting into the site. I am recognising the fact that as a Founder Member - you you are putting your faith in me to keep adding value to the site (which I will).

As the site grows, your investment will be better and better. The content in the site will be growing. To recognise this, the price will be rising - but you will be locking your price in today and will never pay more for your access.

On top of this I want to reward early birds and action takers.

Once I reach 50 members - The price will increase dramatically. Once it reaches 100 members, it will increase dramatically again - so don't waste time making your mind up!

There are no contracts or tie-ins. If you want to cancel your membership and lose access to the membership vault - that is fine. A simple email to my support desk and we will shut the doors and you will never be charged again. Just remember - that if you come back to join again, you could well be paying considerably more.

Lock In Your Low Price Today!

Founder Member Price
just $27 Per month

What Now?

OK, so at this point you are sorely tempted to purchase, and for good reason. But you have been programmed over a period of time to read a little more...

It is here that I normally go on to deal with all your objections and provide testimonials about how people using my training have gone on to massive success. I would then go on to outline the pros and cons of taking action over not taking action.


I am not going to do that - because you have seen all that. You have been down that road and you have made decisions based on psychological pressure and copywriting technique.

Again, I repeat - I want you to buy this because you NEED it. Not because I have skilfully forced your wallet out of your pocket with some clever wording.

Let's briefly look again at what you will be getting here:

  • Access to thousands of dollars worth of training and information products designed to make a real difference to you and your business
  • Access to my journal of exactly what I am doing in my business now, with successes and failures.
"Access to this ever-growing vault will kill shiny object syndrome!"

You won't need to buy another training or information product again. You will find all that you need right inside this exclusive membership.

And remember - the price will be rising, so don't delay!

Lock In Your Low Price Today!

Founder Member Price
just $27 Per month


Are There Any Upsells?

Is There A Guarantee?

Will I Get Coaching As Part Of This Membership?

What If I Already Own Some Products?

Do or Don't!

OK - so here we are. We have reached the do or don't moment.

Just remember some key facts.

The price will be rising. This is not fake scarcity. It is true. I am opening this as a founder members' price for a limited time and then it will be increasing dramatically.

Finally - I may just completely change my mind and then you will have missed this completely.

Lock In Your Low Price Today!

Founder Member Price
just $27 Per month

With best wishes for your future business success,

Paul Dunstan

For disclaimers - please VISIT HERE. Although please note that I have promised no income here at all!

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